Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Most of my ideas for this project involved taking a disney character and changing the way it is viewed.  I decided to choose Ariel and her prince and make them have more of a hipster feel.  The medium I started with was color pencil and for the background I spray painted it with dark colors to give it an edgy look.  After I spray painted it the color pencil did not do justice to the characters so I added water color to give them more of a stand out look and a 3-D look.  The risk I took during this project was using spray paint because I have never used spray paint before and who knows how it was going to turn out. In this piece I displayed technique, concept, emotion, and new medium.  The technique was used while I was painted it, the concept was used when I was figureing out how to incorporate intertextuality into my pieve, the emotion is seen in the characters faces, and the new medium is the spray paint.

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