Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Final Exam

1. The project of mine that was most successful would have to be my first project that involved my text as element.  With this project I think I did a pretty good job with using multiple things to pull it together and look pretty great.  I used color, lines, and texture. Also instead of just using one medium I used 3, which includes water colors, paint, and sharpies.  I started off with just using one, which was sharpie.  I used the sharpie for lyrics to different songs that I adore and that have shaped me in my life and in the end it worked really well because it made it look like lights that were coming off from the stage.  I then put paint in to make hands in the air as if they were rocking out to the concert, or "devil worship hands" (: as Mr. sands would say.  Then I needed a stage so I put one in with water colors with lights on the stage.  After doing all of this I think it turned out really awesomely.

2. I would definitely say that the Jane Goodall project gave me the most obstacles to overcome.  This is mostly because I really had no idea what I was doing the whole time, trying endlessly to make it look finished, each time thinking that it needed something extra.  So I guess the main obstacle here would be to actually finish it, wish is not what you would expect.  I overcame this obstacle but not giving up which i think is always a great thing to do.   I kept on pushing through with more and more ideas until I felt it looked complete.  The main risk for doing this is that I could mess up by adding something and have regrets, which did happen. But, luckily each mistake I made caused for better things as I tried to cover up the problems.

3.  One project that really made me grow as an artist was the redo project.  This was an obvious one because the whole purpose of this project was to grow. I grew with materials because instead of being ordinary and lame and just using paint I used cool things like spray paint and water colors. This also worked on my artistic skills because I had never used spray paint and water colors like this so it really helped me in that area. I also think it pushed my creativity because I have never seen a piece exactly like that.  The next project that really pushed me was the intertextuality because when I did it and thought I was finished my eyes were open by Mr.sands that it was nowhere close to being done.  I had to learn to make it look better with technichs like shading and making things darker.  This made it look 10 times better and really helped me as an artist. 

4.  Having the choice to actually choice what we were doing instead of being told was such a brilliant idea. It was alittle scary at first because it actually made us think but scary things are always the best.  It really taught us to be ubers creative and be like real artists. For examples with the text as element I was really happy about dong that project because i got to do something that i really loved. Also, the intertextualtity was awesome because i got to also zone in on something I love which is Disney stuff.  This new way of teacher is amazingly cool.

Re-do project

It was really easy for me to chose my idea for this project.  I thought of the self portrait I did in 6th grade and how horribly bad it turned out so it was obviously easy to chose that.  I didn't just want to do the same old thing though because that would be terribly boring so I chose a picture of not just me, but my brother and I.  I started off by making a stencil because I knew I wanted to spray paint the image on to the canvas.  I did this with photo shop and the projector.  After I finished the stencil the next step was obviously to spray paint it which didn't take much time at all.  It looked finished but I knew it wasn't, I just wasn't sure what to add to it.  I kept thinking of different ideas until I found watercolors in the back room.  Sadly I spilled the orange water color on the floor and it looked like blood, woops, but it gave me a great idea to make it look like water color spilled in the background of my artwork.  I tried it and I really like how it turned out!

Forced perspective photo

I was really excited about this because i just got a camera and was really excited to start taking pictures with it.  I took a lot of pictures trying to get the forced perspective look but everything I did was not original at all and i wanted it to be somewhat different.  Finally I took this picture and I really liked it, which is ironic because I did not even take this picture with my camera, I took it with my iphone when I was bored one day.  Its really simplistic but i think that that is the beauty in it because some people try really hard to make something extremely amazing but sometimes the simple things are beautiful too but don't get to be seen because no one trys that method.  I liked it also because the way the lighting hit it made it looked illuminated which i think is pretty cool.  Also what makes it cool is that people used to play with little skateboards with their fingers when I was a kid so this kind of portrays this concept.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jane Goodalls Life Jornal- Layering Project

When choosing my idea for layering I had a lot of ideas running through my head.  I was not sure what I wanted to do and none of my ideas seemed good enough.  I though of maybe doing a human body made out of food to show the food pyramid but that seemed expensive and I did not think it would come out like it was looking in

my head.  Ideas kept rolling through and then Mr. Sands helped me think of doing something on Jane Goodall because she is my role model and I met her a few weeks earlier.  Jane Goodall is an amazing women who, when she was just 20 years old, went to Tanzania to study chimpanzees.  She was the first person to do this and come out with the findings that the world was looking for.  She taught us that chimpanzees are just like humans and that they are capable of so much more than we thought they were.  All of this is truly amazing and all of this started with a notebook that she took notes in.  Because of this reason I decided to make my project with a notebook.  Then I of course had to incorporate layering so I decided that I would layer things that happened in her life that make her who she is and that got her to where she is today.  I started off with the notebook of course and then i put pictures of all the main events in here life, like when she first touched a monkey, etc., and layered them on top of one another.  In the end it turned out very nicely with a black background.  I also cute out her name in a layering effect and I wrote in it notes that she actually wrote in her notebook. The materials I used were the notebook, Modge Podge, for transferring the photos, photos, and indie ink.  I did not just take a risk while doing this project, I took a risk DOING this for my project because I had no idea how I was going to get the project in my head come alive and I had no idea how it was going to turn out. The message that I was trying to convey with this project was that you can start off with something really small in your life, like a notebook, and if you keep working at it, and adding little things piece by piece, you will do amazing things in life and it will turn out to be a masterpiece.