Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Most of my ideas for this project involved taking a disney character and changing the way it is viewed.  I decided to choose Ariel and her prince and make them have more of a hipster feel.  The medium I started with was color pencil and for the background I spray painted it with dark colors to give it an edgy look.  After I spray painted it the color pencil did not do justice to the characters so I added water color to give them more of a stand out look and a 3-D look.  The risk I took during this project was using spray paint because I have never used spray paint before and who knows how it was going to turn out. In this piece I displayed technique, concept, emotion, and new medium.  The technique was used while I was painted it, the concept was used when I was figureing out how to incorporate intertextuality into my pieve, the emotion is seen in the characters faces, and the new medium is the spray paint.

Text As Elemant

 For text as element I decided to use song lyrics for my text because music is such a big part of my life.  I listened to music all the times so I made the lyrics to songs as the light beams in a concert atmostphere.  I decided to use a lot of different meduim choses for my piece.  For the lyrics I choose sharpie so it would stand out and be colorful.  For the rocking hands I used black paint so they would be the thing you looked at first.  Lastly for the stage/stagelights i used watercolors so they could be seen but were in the backround. The risk I took doing this project was using water color becuase I have never used water colors on a project and if I messed up it would ruin the whole project. The message that I was trying to convey with this piece was that music is in my life and I think I did a good job with that my using the song lyrics, the rocker hands, and the stage.