Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Forced perspective photo

I was really excited about this because i just got a camera and was really excited to start taking pictures with it.  I took a lot of pictures trying to get the forced perspective look but everything I did was not original at all and i wanted it to be somewhat different.  Finally I took this picture and I really liked it, which is ironic because I did not even take this picture with my camera, I took it with my iphone when I was bored one day.  Its really simplistic but i think that that is the beauty in it because some people try really hard to make something extremely amazing but sometimes the simple things are beautiful too but don't get to be seen because no one trys that method.  I liked it also because the way the lighting hit it made it looked illuminated which i think is pretty cool.  Also what makes it cool is that people used to play with little skateboards with their fingers when I was a kid so this kind of portrays this concept.

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